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German Culture Worldwide

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Interesting Photos

On these pages I will share pictures of my own area and interests as well as round the world.

Where my son likes to boat
Where I like to relax

Notice the ducks in the water. Fish and Ducks come right
up to shore. I like to sit here and gaze out. Even in
cold weather I will drive as close as possible and have
my lunch or snack in the car while gazing at the water.
This, again, is one area my son likes to boat. He can
come right up to this spot and dock if he wishes.


Fall Shot of my favorite local spot. In the summer this
is a nice shaded spot by the water where I can sit and
watch my son and daughter boat.

In the Spring and Fall I still go there, rest a bit and
gaze out at the water. This picture taken one day before
a major snow storm. taken Dec. 23, 2002.


The bit of rock you see by the trees is right next to
a set of wooden steps which are hidden from view. There
are about four steps down to docking. I like to sit here.


My neighborhood is varied in landscape from house lined
streets to what you see above. This is located in my neighborhood. I could have just as easily posted a picture
with a few dozen houses...which I will soon do.